On a Saturday…

Okay, you can tell this is a novelty for me…blogging an’ all.  It must have something to do with the vanity of seeing one’s self on the ‘net!!

As for the cheesy photos…well it is the Christmas season for goodness sake, so you are going to have to put up with some Christmassy pics…I have to decorate my page somehow.

Today, Saturday, is my “work” day…in  an hour or so I will be off to the yacht club, where I help on the Bridge.  For those non-sailors out there, I am not playing in the traffic or the card kind.  The Bridge is where the running of the races happens, flags going up and down, monitoring starts and finishes and generally getting very hot and sweaty in the Lagos heat.

Working on the Bridge can be stressful, interesting and amusing all in one afternoon. When I first started I was told that it could be quite boring at times….well…I don’t know about that…I have never found it boring.  Long ago I gave up taking a book to read in case there was a moment to be bored, as for my camera…well I wish there were moments to take some pics.  Maybe I will try today…

Once the races are over it is not all done for me, there are results to be worked out, sometimes delayed by protests…yep we have protesting participants some days, feeling unjustly done by for various reasons.  However, I must say that there are not many of these and it is amazing what a beer can do to settle the matter between contestants 🙂

My “work” continues, usually till a Monday, when I email the results off to various members of the sailing committee and it is over to them to keep Quarterly Results etc.

“Work” is written/typed with ” because it is all done for love, not money.  However, there are some people who would very much doubt where my love is at times 🙂

Till the next blog…


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