From my Saturday

To follow on from yesterday’s post here are a couple of images from my Saturday.  Once again it was not a boring afternoon.  This time it was livened up by a flag getting stuck at the top of the pole and it did not come down at the start of the race.  There were yells of “Put up the Postpone flag!”, then when we saw that people were not obeying that flag, it was, “Put up the General Recall!”  Eventually, everyone turned around and, after the offending flag was brought to ground level, we went through the start procedure again, this time without mishap – phew!  In the end we thought we had done pretty well, as the wind speed increased within that five minute delay.  However, I do not think those sailors noticed our consideration on that front…we still had comments afterwards, saying that we should just have let them carry on and not restart the race!  Really…how ungracious 🙂

And finally, I could not resist posting this “mother & child” moment!


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