Cafe Latte

This morning turned out to be one of those surprisingly easy shopping days. Well, let me qualify that, it was easy in that there were no go-slows, or traffic jams as they are called in other parts of the world…got over the bridge and to the first shop within 15 minutes. Bought about half the items on my list there, then it was on to the sccond shop and, surprise…no go-slow…okay, it was only a kilometre away. However, in Lagos that means nothing, one can get stuck in a go-slow any time. any place.  Managed to get only one of the items remaining on the list,  oh well I did qualify the “easy shopping day”.  It would really be too much to expect easy traffic and all the required items in the shops on the same day.

The morning then continued with my meeting up for coffee with a friend.  Actually, it was a cafe latte for me and a cappuchino for Elizabeth.  This in a very acceptable coffee shop too.  Yes, there are little gems that lighten one’s life amidst the chaos of Lagos.  The brightest of those gems are friends…ones with whom to spend some time, drink a cafe latte and chat about whatever is on one’s mind.

Another aspect of life here is living with air conditioning.  A blessing at times and at others…well… not such a blessing! Yesterday I looked outside and saw a wonderful light on the clouds that made me want to grab my camera and take a photo. However, such impulses cannot be indulged here. If one rushed outside to grab the moment, the camera would mist up.  One has to plan ahead, take the camera outside, leave it for about 15 minutes to adjust to the temperature and then hope a “light” moment will happen.

In spite of missing some good light again this morning, I decided to plan ahead, take the camera out and then take some photos of the view from our verandah upstairs.

The only editing I did on the photo below was to adjust the lighting level.  I had the WB on Cloudy, which has given it a sepia-type look.  I quite like it!

A corner of the creek to the right of the house

And finally, a Christmas photo…


One thought on “Cafe Latte

  1. Gee the views from your veranda are great and your husband so athletic and your Christmas decorations so pretty – I thought you said Lagos was awful!

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