Along with many other photographers, one thing I had intended for this year was to take at least one photo a day…well here we are nearly at the end of 4 January and that intention has already been ruined.  So far, I have only taken photos on the 2nd and the 4th!  Ah well…such is life!

My house is looking a bit sad today…I took down the Christmas decorations. They could have been left up for a bit longer, but I felt that it was time to put them away and get on with 2010.  I am sure there will be evidence of the festive season for a few weeks still, as the shops and banks keep their decorations up.  Sometimes we still see remnants of tinsel, “Season’s Greetings” etc on the taxis several months into the year. I did play some Christmas music as I was busy un-decorating the tree!

The only time I poked my nose out of the house today, was to ask the guard how much water we had in the tanks, as I needed to do some laundry and did not want to deplete our water supply.  We do not have the luxury of water being supplied on a regular basis from the mains.  We have to order the water, which is brought to the house in a rickety tanker and pumped into the storage tanks on the property.  I wonder how much is put into the lorries at the source of supply and how much leaks out on its way to the house.

Anyway, the point of this is…as a result of not going anywhere exciting today, I had to resort to looking around the house for something to photograph.  My eye hit upon the last reminder of the New Year’s party…some flowers that were on the tables and which were offered for us to take home after sailing on Saturday.

So without further ado, I give you…


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