Sometime in the early hours of this morning, I woke up to the sound of rain. That is not a usual occurrence at this time of year, as it is the dry season.  Added to that it is also the time of year when the harmattan covers Lagos in a haze of dust. I expected the harmattan to have been washed away by the rain, but it was still there when I got my lazy self out of bed a few hours later.

I went to play golf with a friend and we got to the course, where it was overcast, not only with dust, but also with clouds. On hole 5 the sky darkened and in a few minutes it started to rain again.  We carried on bravely and were rewarded for our tenacity when the rain eventually stopped enabling us to finish the 18 holes.  Today was one of those golf days when I think that whoever dreamt up the game must have had a very nasty streak…I mean…who else would think of inventing a game where a little white ball can drive one so crazy! Crazier still, is that we golfers go back another day thinking it will be better than the last time!

The following photos show various “scenes” that passed by our house today. The haziness is due to the harmattan…difficult to get crystal clear shots.

Fishermen on the creek near a barge…

A speed boat passing by…

Another fisherman…

Workers from the barge being taken to shore at the end of their day’s work…


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