Sometimes I think I know what it feels like to be the paparazzi.  Yesterday I looked out of my bedroom window to see a boat motoring its way towards the house.  It is not usual to see the motor boats coming so close to the house, as the lagoon is very shallow, so I was curious to see what it was up to.  Spying on me?? Up to no good?? Lost??

As I watched, I noticed a small fishing boat nearby and realised that the motor boat was making its way to the fishing vessel and, I am guessing, that the folk on board wanted to see if there were any goods for sale.  I could not see if they got their dinner, but I did sneak the pictures below.  I am always wary about waving my camera around, as people here often get antsy about having their photos taken, hence the paparazzi view with shadowy effects of burglar bars etc!

Today’s quote…

We can’t form our children on our own concepts;

We must take them and love them as God gives them to us.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This little fellow amused himself for quite a while, raking the beach!!!


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