Love is the circle

that doth restless move

in the same sweet eternity of Love.

Robert Herrick

This quote has not clicked in my mind yet…that is why I have included it in today’s blog…to make you think about its meaning!

My weeks seem to go by in circles, the same “happening” coming round again and again.  One of those happenings is the yacht club on a Saturday.  This past Saturday turned out to be pretty much a non-event, sailing-wise…we had to abandon the race due to a serious lack of wind.  See the flags waving, or rather not waving, around on the flag-poles…

The picture is rather grey and dull, but that is exactly what the scene was…grey and dull.

Once we called off the race, the sailors had to get back to “the hard” in various ways i.e. drift in, be towed in by the rescue boats or paddle in…

Sunday saw Tom and me heading off to the golf course, where we joined up with three other couples for a very slow round.  We decided that the girls would play together and the guys followed in their group behind. It took five hours to finish the 18 holes, but that is normal for a Sunday.  The booking system here is suspect, to say the least. Our 11.08 slot turned out, in reality, to be 11.30 and they certainly did not have 8 minutes between the groups…ah well…that is life here!


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