Sailing again…

Love is the river of life in the world.

Henry Ward Beecher

The sailing at LYC in Lagos does not take place on a river, but in the harbour. Yesterday was much more exciting at the yacht club than last Saturday.  There was wind. Although not amazing, it was certainly enough for racing.  The race start was delayed by 15 minutes. Firstly, because the Hobies were slow in getting to the start line…they should have left the beach earlier!!!  Then a ship decided to leave the harbour and would have been a danger to the yachts at the start. However, the race got underway and off they sailed on a course around the harbour.  There were a couple more ships going in and out of the harbour during the race and that provided a bit of a challenge to some of the boats as they tried not to get too close and so incur the dreaded “Rule 23”!  They get disqualified if coming within a certain distance of a “ship under way”.

I did not take any photos yesterday.  One, I had not taken my camera and, two, even if I had, there would have been no time to do so.  I was kept pretty busy. However, here a a couple of pics taken as the boats were de-rigging after the non-event of last week’s sailing.


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