The changing face…

The measure of God’s love is

that He loves without measure.

St. Bernard

This morning I looked out over the creek.  The face of the creek is changing, as there are preparations for a bridge to be built across it. I was trying to remember how many posts had been in the water last week.  So I decided to take photos of the scene over the next couple of weeks as a record.  One of my sons also said I should take photos of the house before we move, thereby keeping a record of places we have lived.  Somewhere, in the depths of boxes back in SA, there are photos of some of the houses we have lived in.  No doubt I will have a few more to add to the memories by the time we leave Lagos!  The upcoming move will be our 3rd in the eight years we have lived here…not too bad, considering we moved five times in the ten years we lived in Mauritius.

To get back to the changing face of the creek…

Taken on 18 Dec ’09

Taken this morning…

I had a bit of fun playing around with some editing on the above photos, using CoffeeTea’s Faded Daydreams.


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