3rd in a row…

Love seeks to make happy

rather than to be happy.

Ralph Connor

The weekend was a busy one at LYC. There were races both on Saturday and  Sunday. Normally I would not go and do the Bridge on a Sunday, but I felt I should do so this time…I can’t be lazy all the time!

There was an added attraction at the club yesterday; they had a Craft Fair and there were several vendors with their goods for sale, including paintings, fabrics, jewellry and much more. However, I strongly resisted all temptation to buy anything…I am trying to de-clutter, not add to my list of things to be packed up!

The highlight of my day was a phone call from my eldest son; he called whilst I was trying to finalise the results of the race, so he got a bit of a distracted mum 🙂

They say things come in threes. I give you a 3rd post in a row with flowers. These pretty, delicate frangipanis came from my garden.  The tree is rather shy about displaying its blooms. It seems to place its flowers on the side facing away from the house and, as a result, I tend to forget about them.

Pick some frangipani and they are the easiest to arrange, just pop them in a vase and nature has already put them into a beautiful arrangement for you, all on one stalk.


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