Tennis & PJs…

Life with Christ is endless love;

without Him it is a loveless end.

Billy Graham

Today has been a deliciously lazy day. It started off with coffee…yum…wake up and smell the coffee. A little while later I cooked eggs and bacon for our breakfast, followed by another cup of coffee.  Tom went off to play golf. I did not go,as my elbow has been a bit sore and I decided to give it a rest.

So, still in my PJs and coffee in hand, I sat down to watch the men’s final in the Australian Open. What a dilemma! Who to support? Should it be Murray to win his first Grand Slam or Federer to win his 16th? Only three sets, but what a nail-biting tie breaker in the third set! At one stage, whilst this match was going on, I could not bear the tension, so I went off to shower and get into some “day” clothes 🙂 I came back just as they were starting the tie breaker.  As Federer said, Murray is too good not to win a Grand Slam in the near future.

Later in the day I spoke to some of my babies (they will always be my babies!) on Skype. I love the video part of Skype. It certainly makes it feel as if they are sitting in the room with me. When I was talking to my daughter, the subject got on to food and then I started feeling HUNGRY.

Here are a couple of photos from my weekend:-

We had friends around for dinner on Friday evening and set up the table outside.

You might think orange is my favourite colour…not so, but the flowers are the easiest to get here and the colour certainly makes for a cheerful table

A fun view of glasses and napkins

The barge on the creek as the sun went down and the night lights came on


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