First of all, you might just have noticed the change of “face” on my blog. I think it shows off the photographs to better advantage. Let me know what you think.

Secondly, we have just spent our first night in the new house! At the moment I am looking out of a curtainless window in my new study upstairs. The scene before my eyes is of some men working at installing our generator. For the meantime we have a very noisy temporary generator, hopefully the permanent one will be quieter. I have just been informed that they have to switch over the generators, so there will be no power for about half an hour….let’s hope it  is only that! Meanwhile, I rely on my UPS  to keep me connected whilst I finish this post. I have internet connection (yeah!) thanks to a wireless connection.

Our bedroom and the study are both more or less neat & tidy and functional for the moment. The kitchen is coming together, but the rest of the house is chaos!

Ah well, on Saturday night I am climbing on a plane and flying to SA for three weeks. I hope the house will all be a lot tidier and more organised, per kind favour of my steward, when I get back!

Tried to post a pic, but it wouldn’t work. Will try again in a separate post.


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