Back in town…

I know I am truly back in Lagos…the sound of generators, the heat and humidity, plumbing that does not work properly and police road blocks, just to name a few of the challenges I find difficult here. On the other hand, it is good to have a generator when the power supply fails, but better still it is good to be back in “my” home and to see my friends again. Late yesterday afternoon, Tom & I went to the yacht club. I felt as if I was a naughty girl arriving back at school after bunking for the day! I had not taken up my weekly Bridge duties, as I was still very tired after my flight. Making the most of my freedom for the afternoon, I took along my camera and shot a few images.

Apart from a stunning image, I am sure nothing excites a photographer more than a new piece of equipment. Whilst in SA I indulged myself and bought a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens. Now I have to get to know and learn about this little beauty. It is quite funny, as I keep trying to change the focal length….silly me…it is a prime (i.e. fixed) lens! If there are any photogs out there, reading this, I would welcome any advice!!!

Meanwhile, a couple of pics taken with my new acquisition…not good, but a start…

Winners celebrating…

Winners’ wives…

Relaxing at the water’s edge…

and yet another sunset!


2 thoughts on “Back in town…

  1. Hi there, was great meeting you at the workshop.
    Cant believe your home already time fly’s, hope you “holiday” was a good one. I’m also thinking of getting a 50mm prime.. let me know how it goes..

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