Dinner Prep…

What is my news and what are my views from my corner of the world? News…the various snags in our house are s..l..o..w..l..y being sorted out. Our DSTV is working properly after several visits from the technician. Well….it has been for the last hour! I put curtains up in my study, but they are way too short! (Note to Rachel: refer back to post on “Loopy Curtains”). Apart from the house, I am slowly getting back into my routine here.  Part of the routine is trying to remember to tell my husband when I need the car and driver. There is no popping into my car and going wherever I need/want to. I almost think driving myself in the Joburg traffic is better than being restricted with transport here! Ah well…

Views…as I sit and post this blog, I look out of my upstairs study and see a frangipani tree with several blooms on it. Pity they are too high up in the tree for me to pick them! Will have to see if I can find a way to get them…I need some flowers in the house. The view also includes:-

– palm trees and some other nameless plant (well, nameless to me)

– the small building that houses the generator, which is silent for the moment due to the fact that we have power from the main supplier

– the roofs of buildings across the street

– wobbly street lamps, which I am sure do not work

– and a dull, grey sky

Last night, I traipsed around the house, looking for something to photograph and this is what I found…

Dinner being prepared…fish with orange peppers ready to be baked in the oven…


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