Grannies & babies…

Yesterday there were some very strange sights on the golf course. It was the Granny golf competition. Last year some enthusiastic grannies in the club sponsored a competition and they did so again this year. The idea is that those who have the honour of being a grandmother, partner up with a “baby” for the day and play as a team. Of course, to add to the atmosphere, many people dressed appropriately and there were graceful grannies and cute babies! My golfing partner for the day, Jenny & I entered the competition late and did not have a Granny, so we decided to go as naughty school children who had run away from their Granny. We were later reprimanded for our bad behaviour.

Golf was definitely second order of the day, the main point being…to have FUN! Thank goodness for that, as some of us did not play at all well. In fact Jenny & I played so badly that we were awarded LAST prize 🙂 The reprimand came in being told that this is what we deserved for behaving badly! Unfortunately, we did not even stand still long enough for a decent photo to be taken, so you cannot see our attire. I can tell you that our husbands’ cupboards were raided for ties.

Here are a couple of pics of some participants…

Best dressed Granny…

Granny L & Baby J…

Some grans & babes…

A couple of winners getting their prizes from the Best Dressed Granny and the Fairy Grandmother…


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