No photos today, but I could not resist passing on something that happened to one of our friends this weekend. Lynne & Tony went to visit friends in Abuja for the weekend. Lynne went up on Thursday leaving Tony to fly up and join her on Friday. Tony duly got on the flight, which took off and landed all in good time. He sent a text to the friends in Abuja announcing that the eagle had landed and then called the driver to say he would be out in five minutes. All the passengers disembarked to look around and …find out they were back in Lagos!!!! Apparently, the harmattan had hit Abuja making it impossible for the plane to land, but the killer was that they were not informed at all of the change in flight plan. Presumably the crew were too scared to say anything in case there was a riot on board, so they presented the passengers with a fait accompli!

The story continues…Tony called his driver in Lagos, so he thought, but was actually the friend’s driver in Abuja, and told him that he would get a taxi home. This driver then phoned his employer, totally distraught because he thought Tony was going to get a taxi from Lagos to Abuja (a 9 hour drive on a good day) and wanted to know where to pick him up!! Confusion reigned all round!! All’s well that ends well…Tony did not get a taxi to Abuja, but took a flight the next day and arrived safe, if not sound, to join up with his beloved and friends for the weekend. Only in Nigeria….


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