So I think I can…

So I think I can dance and I think I can play golf! Well, today that is πŸ™‚ I played in a golf competition that was sponsored by a lady in honour of her birthday. First of all, I had a great game today…I played 3 under my handicap = 69 Nett…yeah!!!!! My handicap should go down to 27…I am so happy πŸ™‚ To add to the day, I actually won the competition and got a nice trophy for my efforts.

The dancing bit you ask…well whilst we waiting for for the results etc we were given lunch and there was music a-plenty. The Lady Captain decided that there should be a dance competition and she duly appointed some judges. We got up and did our bit. At the moment, I am living in West Africa. Lagos, Nigeria to be exact. Each nation/culture has their particular way of dancing and what comes naturally to one group does not come naturally to others. I lived in Mauritius for over 10 years and still could not master the Sega! The judges decided there had to be a dance-off and I was chosen,along with two Nigerian ladies, to be in the dance-off. So there I was, this oyibo (white person in Nigerian speak) with two ladies who danced very beautifully and naturally. Urged on by the ladies I gave it my best shot. My children would have died of embarrassment…oh what the heck, they are not here! In the end one of the other ladies won the dance-off and deservedly so, and I was give the prize for the Best Effort. We all had such a laugh.

It was really hot and humid today and I am very happy to be sitting in a nice air-conditioned room at home after coming back and having a lovely refreshing shower.

I did not take my camera to the club, but here are a couple of photos to end off the post…

Score card, well not the actual card; the real one has to be kept at the club. The real card would also have my marker’s score on, but I had to have something to photograph…

Golf Bag and take note….the Trophy πŸ™‚


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