What next…

It sounds as if my life consists of the yacht club and golf and looking back over the last few posts, I see that the yacht club has been the main feature. At the moment that is pretty much what is happening in my life. Our ladies’ Bible Study group has closed for a few weeks over the Easter holidays.

However, this week I got enthused about doing some quilting and decided to try a new technique called Convergence Quilting. I have completed the main block, but now I have to decide on what to do for the borders. It is sitting on my sewing table and I keep walking past it, stopping and ….waiting…and ….waiting …for inspiration. First of all I have to decide what to use as a narrow inner border before adding a wider outer one.

Quilt top waiting for borders…

Hmmm…maybe it is going to be one of those things that gets thrown into the cupboard!

The only time I have gone out of the house this week was to play golf! After my amazing round last week, Tuesday saw me back to form, my usual bad form!! Ah well, there could be worse things happening in my life.

Today was another farewell golf competition. Yet another person is leaving Lagos and I am still here!!!  After golf, those of us taking part in Hermine’s competition went to the restaurant at the club for lunch.

Another excitement in my life, though a very unwelcome one, is that we have a rat or rats running around our house!!! We have put traps down and caught a couple, but now they have got wise to the traps and somehow get the food without being caught. Animal cruelty, I know, but….rats carry diseases!!! Several years ago in Mauritius, Tom got a rat-borne infection and was so ill that he had to be hospitalised. Therefore those little creatures are NOT welcome in my house!

Tomorrow…it is that Saturday thing again…yacht club. In preparation, some of my duties include charging up the radios that we use to communicate with the safety boats. We have 9 radios, but usually only use about 6 on an average Saturday.

Just for a change 😉 more yacht club related photos.

Radio on charge…

Charged and in waterproof bag, ready to hand over to safety boat officers…

Oh, I nearly forgot…I added another Page to this site. It is called “Thoughts”. I might have to change it and just put my “Thoughts” into posts on my main page. I will see how it works out.


2 thoughts on “What next…

  1. The quilt better not end up in the cupboard – it’s going to be beautiful. Love the convergence design, the colours you’ve chosen . . . hmmmm . . . maybe ends up in MY cupboard!

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