Once again I have been going through old photos on my computer. I am trying to sort things into some semblance of order…you know…go to folder named “People”…look under sub-folder and find photo you are looking for…only to find it…NOT THERE!

Anyway I found the photos that I took of my cook/steward and his family last year. They come from Benin, a country that borders Nigeria, so I told Jean (pronounced the french way) to put on his traditional Beninois attire. Don’t he and Florence look splendid?

Florence and the two younger ones used to live in Lagos with Jean, whilst the older two were staying with relatives in Benin, where they go to school. They were all in Lagos for their school holidays last September, hence the opportunity to take the family photos. Jean has built a house in Benin and Florence has moved there, so that all the family (apart from Jean) can live together.

It was very difficult to get Jean to smile for the camera and his eldest son, Phineas, is exactly the same! Posing for photographs is a very serious business! After a while, they relaxed and I did get a few smiles 🙂

Without further ado, Jean, Florence and their four children, Phineas, Raoul, Bernice and Israel…


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