When was…

When was the last time you did something for the first time? That is a question that I saw somewhere recently and I can answer that one by saying, “Today!”. Today I went sailing on a Hobie 16 for the first time. The last time I went on a small boat was when I was a teenager and that was only a couple of times. Even though I am involved with running the races on Saturdays, I have no clue what to do on a boat!! Thanks to Tony, my Helm today, I now have a vague idea of what a tack is and what a jibe is. A tack is….ummm…well, I did say I had a vague idea 🙂

It was a glorious day – blue sky, a nice breeze and the sea was like a millpond. We started off in the harbour and then Tony decided to go offshore. I was terrified, but once we were offshore I really enjoyed it. The sea was a beautiful colour and, along with the blue sky, these are rarities here in Lagos. One would think that living in Africa all is sunshine and blue skies. Not so, the norm here is polluted, grey skies and murky, dirty water.

Anyway, even though I have some grazes on my knees, thanks to crawling from one side of the boat to the other, and a couple of sore fingers, I am quite proud of my achievement. I went on the boat in spite of being really nervous about it all!

The boat and my Helm, Tony…


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