Fix-It Friday #59…

Ok I admit it…I have been totally uninspired about photographing anything lately! Must be one of those “blocks” any artist dreads. Apart from my own apathy, I blame my environment. This is not the easiest or aesthetically pleasing place to go out and take photographs…too much hassle with people objecting to my doing so, even though the camera is not aimed anywhere near their direction or something that could compromise them! Ah, silly me…I might be making some money out of THEIR environment…as if!!! As for taking pictures of my home environment…BORING! Hmm…do you get the impression that I am in a bad place 🙂

Added to that I did not have access to a baby for the weekly challenge at i heart faces 😦

Anway, to try and get myself motivated I am taking part in iheartfaces Fix-It Friday Challenge.

The original photo was taken by Julie Rivera

My fixes…

Using PS CS4 I cropped using a square format. Then I dodged and burned the eyes to enhance the lights. Next I added black & white gradient and put on an ivory overlay with an opacity of around 25%…

In the following edit I added a black & white gradient, the used a pink soft light with an opacity of 60%…

A very subtle difference between the photos, but I love playing with variations of B&W.

By the way…what a cute baby!


5 thoughts on “Fix-It Friday #59…

  1. Classic B&W and Sepia. you cannot go wrong there. I love it and I think it is the perfect photo to be converted to B&W. Great job with the conversion to. Her skin tone is just perfect!!

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