TT Postage…

I have discovered a new blog and a new kind of challenge. It is hosted by Louise at Kard Krazy. This blog is about cards and stamping and wonderful creativity. Louise hosts a weekly challenge called Tag Tuesday and I have to thank her for introducing me to TAGS 🙂 They are so much quicker to make than cards…..well…maybe not quicker and certainly not easier, but soooo much fun!

Anyway, I had taken the big, brave step and am submitting an entry this week. I do so with fear and trembling as I enter this world of amazing and creative people. Go and have a look (Tag Tuesday)…you will love them!

This week’s theme is “Postage”. I do not have any proper postage stamps so made do with a boring one from a boring, official envelope. Well, people will insist on sending bills and bank statements!

Apologies for the poor photography, but here goes…


8 thoughts on “TT Postage…

  1. Your tag is great and never fear!! We all started at the beginning!! I have been doing this less than three years and I am so addicted!

  2. Glad you joined the challenge this week but a warning…you will soon become addicted to tags!
    Great job on your tag. The little flowers are so bright and cheerful.

  3. I like your stamp, and your tag is great, Watch out this challenge is addiction.. I love, love
    doning tags… and Louise challenge are fun! I am glad you entered..


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