Sunday Sights…

The yacht club was well visited this weekend. The regular racing took place on Saturday afternoon, followed by some of the folk staying on to watch the soccer match between Germany & Uruguay. On Sunday we went down later in the afternoon, after having played golf in the morning. We went there for two reasons, firstly to say farewell to yet another couple leaving Lagos and secondly to watch the World Cup Soccer final. Actually, we only watched the first half at the club, then went home to watch the second half. It was a cunning plan on Tom’s part, which worked out very well. The roads were free of cars and… bonus…free of police roadblocks. They must have all been watching the soccer. Oh, it was so nice not to have to be stopped and asked for money..ha ha!

Talking of soccer, I was sad to see The Netherlands lose 😦 However, well done Spain 🙂

A couple of photos taken yesterday…




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