TT Hearts…

The challenge that Louise over at Kard Krazy has given us is “Hearts”.

In the light of tags hearts bring to mind love, romance, flowers and more.

Looking at this simple tag, one would think I made it in a matter of minutes…not so! As usual, I stamp, emboss, cut and paste, agonize, doubt, agonize some more and then discard any efforts and start all over again! That includes all of the above and finally I think, “That’s about as good as I am going to do for now!”.

Why do I put myself through all this? I can only say that there is something in me that wants to play and create and after all…it is FUN 🙂

I decided to go with a theme in pink….pink is romantic and hearts. I cut out the tag using another one as a template, then glued on the floral background. Then I stamped, embossed and cut out the hearts, glued those on to the tag, added the pink gingham ribbon and there you have it. I wish I could give credit to the creators of the stamps, but there is no identifying name on them. I can only say that I bought these particular stamps at Hobbycraft in Bristol in the UK last year.

There are some gorgeous creations that other clever people have done, so go and visit the Kard Krazy site and have a look at their links.



10 thoughts on “TT Hearts…

  1. What a pretty littl tag… It put a smile on my face to hear how you made your Tag. It seems like I do that same thing… And I have started over many times.. so I am not alone out there..
    Hope you have a great day! ~Linda

  2. Pink is the perfect color for this, Rachel. I love the way you’ve stamped and embossed those little hearts. This is a beautiful tag.

  3. They always look so much easier than they are don’t they, well your efforts and beautiful work are appreciated by all who see it. Glad you played along!

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