TT Faces…

Another week and another Tag Tuesday challenge. Louise has given us the theme of “Faces”. I have decided that, in my case, less is more. When I try to emulate, copy, steal ideas from other people it just does not work! My more ends up looking “more” of a mess 🙂 Funnily enough, this extends to other areas of my life too. Take jewelry for example…if I try to wear lots of cool, chunky necklaces, bracelets or earrings I look…well…stupid! I guess my style is simple, so I will keep it to…

Less is more!

Do you want to know how I made this tag? Well, I am going to tell you whether you want to know or not…I have to fill up this post somehow 🙂

Step 1: I took some pages from a magazine and tore them into strips.

Step 2: I glued them on to a piece of card and left them to dry.

Step 3: Traced and cut out the tag.

Step 4: Admired the collage effect!

Step 5: Found the face in another magazine, cut it out and glued it on to the tag.

Step 6: Spent several long minutes looking through my selection of beads (all shapes & sizes) and decided on the white, offset rectangular one and the little purple one.

Step 7: Glued them.

Step 8: Spent several more long minutes deciding on the ribbons, ending up with two – pale orange and navy. Yay, for once I had the right shades of colour in my stash!

Step 9: Leave tag on table and proceed to scrutinize it critically over several hours. Decide “It is almost good. DON”T TOUCH IT. You will only ruin it!”

As usual, please go to the Kard Krazy site and have a look at the other participants’ entries.

Question. What do all you crafty ladies do with your completed tags? My poor, unsuspecting friends become the recipients of my tags. I will, often, write a scripture verse or quotation and put it on the back of the tag.


9 thoughts on “TT Faces…

  1. So unusual and agree with Sharon. I’m pretty much a newcomer to Tag Tuesday but already the tags are mounting up. Last week’s tag is laid aside to send to a friend so yes, my poor friends will no doubt end up with them although I have used one as a book mark (Postage theme). TFS. Lynne M

  2. Beautiful. I think I share your simple is best philosophy. I do the same as you. Start adding jewelry and I end up taking lots back off because I look like I’m trying to look like someone I’m not. But as for your gorgeous face tag, it is that. Gorgeous.

  3. I love not just your tag but your journey to your finished piece!! Sounds a lot like me…KISS, keep it simple stupid!! That is my motto! I actually don’t think yours is so “simple” your process certainly encompassed several important steps!!! Well, I loved it!!!

  4. This is wonderful… That is so funny, I feel the same way about wearing jewlry, I love to see it on other people but I think it looks funny on me! I love your simple tag!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. I think your tag is wonderful! I also just started a few weeks ago with doing the Tag Tuesday challenges. They are fun and that is what it is suppose to be!

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