Just a bit of fun…

This week I found yet another art/craft related website – GPP – If you go over to Michelle’s site, you will see that she sets themes and challenges for people to do. So I got side-tracked from my other creative activities and played πŸ™‚

The brief was to cut out texts, words, phrases from magazines, newspapers etc and create a background with them. We could then leave the page with just the text or add paint, images or whatever came to mind.

I took these pages as exercises and not with the intention of producing a completed “work of art”. This is what emerged from my pages. By the way, I use the UK way of writing the date and not the US one. I was brought up in Africa and England πŸ™‚

Page 1…

Page 2…

I am not sure if I am going to do anything more to the 2nd page or just leave it as it is.

So long for now.


18 thoughts on “Just a bit of fun…

  1. If I don’t think of my stuff as play or experiment I tend to get blocked myself. I really like how the top page turned out with the zebra stripes. Wild! And the humorous juxtaposition of fish and dancing in the 2nd is a story awaiting the telling.

  2. Rachel – bravo for branching out and sharing your stuff with the team! I love this saying: “it’s out on the limb where you gather the fruit”. Two terrific pages, each with their own appeal. I’m with Marcia, experimenting keeps us moving. It’s all about playing to see what rises to the surface. Thanks for coming to play!!

  3. Hi

    It was my first time here too this week.

    I love both your pages….. the hot, strong feel of the first and the fun captions on the second page.


  4. I like both your pages too. I think the second can stand on its own . I like the variety of text sizes. Welcome to the GPP street team, the challenges are always fun and you met the nicest people this way.

  5. I like both of your pages. The top one really speaks to me with the red and the white stripes. Love your text that says, “Wherever you go, go with your heart.” Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the animal stripes in the first page, and the exuberant colours in the second. It looks like you had fun. Something about your pages made me feel happy; I love it when that happens.

  7. Love the African feel with the reddishbrown background. (I lived in Malawi for 2 years! and know red dirt.)

    I think I’d leave the 2nd one alone but it could be an interesting base too.

  8. Love all those colours and, once again, so interesting to see the words you’ve chosen. Fab work. Keep up the English date format, lol πŸ˜‰

  9. Beautiful ! It’s all I do, play and learn πŸ˜‰ Nothing wrong with that. Your 2nd one looks awesome as it is, all the colors, and a wonderful composition !

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