Grey day…

According to my stats this is my 100th post. I guess I should have something memorable and intelligent to say. Not only that, I should have some amazing photo to post to mark the occasion, but…I don’t! The only thing that seems to highlight this occasion is that I am getting really worried about my ability to spell. I had to check the spelling of “occasion” in the dictionary! I could not remember if it had 1 c and 2 s’s or if it was the other way round! Aaagghh…is this a sign of senility? I hope not!

The only photo I have for today’s post was taken at the yacht club on Saturday (actually it is a collage). As the caption states, it was a grey day. There had been a big rainstorm in the morning and it kept threatening to pour down again all afternoon. However, it didn’t and there was enough wind for the racing to take place.

I have to admit that a couple of us were finding it quite chilly in the wind. Whenever Tom hears me complaining about feeling cold he raises his eyebrows and asks how I am going to cope once we leave here and have to live in the cooler South African climes, never mind visiting the UK in winter! I think the temperature here on Saturday was around 24℃…that’s cold compared to a norm of around 32℃. Sad, I know, but I have lived in tropical places for almost 20 years and  have acclimatised too well, obviously.

The lack of vibrant colour in the photos led me to edit them in a B&W format.


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