Whispering Palms…

Over the weekend there was a sailing race that went up the creek. Just after 12md on Saturday the yachts set off, battling against a strong tide and a wind that varied in strength depending on where they were. The destination was a place with the tantalisingly, romantic name of Whispering Palms. We actually had to finish the official race just over halfway up, as time was marching on and not all of the boats would have made a finish at WP before the allotted time.

Being on the Bridge boat, I had to wait until the last official finisher had gone past and then we had take some of the boats under tow to get them up to WP. The first boat crossed the finish line at 16:05 and the last one at 18:00…yes I had to sit on the boat for several hours waiting and waiting 🙂

Once we had picked up two boats we chugged our way up to WP, arriving way after sunset, around 19:45. The plus side was that it was one of those unexpectedly, magical days, where it was difficult to believe that we were in Nigeria. The sunset was beautiful, the air was clear and the peace on the creek was restful.

We spent the night with a good group of people at a surprisingly comfortable hotel and eating food that was not too bad.

On Sunday morning we sent the sailors off just after 11am for the race back to the club in Lagos. The race was a lot quicker back than on the way up the day before.

Unfortunately, I did not have room to take my “proper” camera, but made do with my compact one.

Some images from Saturday…

Boat under tow…

Getting ready for a 2nd tow…

View of sunset from the boat…

On the way back on Sunday…

Officer Of The Day & Sponsor of the weekend…


One thought on “Whispering Palms…

  1. How I wish I could have seen the regatta! My husband and I used to enter similar races in our 17′ Thistle sailboat. It was a day-sailer (no cabin). He was always skipper and I handled the jib. The times we used the spinnaker were very scary for me. We never won a race but being out on the water was loads of fun. Unfortunately, neither of our children caught the boating bug. We moved to an area without a convenient sailing place. So the boat got sold.

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