Chloe and Xander…

A friend of mine, Anneke, asked me to take some photos of her children. So this morning I went to their home to do the shoot. We started off outside in the garden, then it got too hot and humid so we went indoors to cool down, have a drink and then take couple more shots.

Chloe is a dear little girl. In her gentle way she was happy to have her photos taken. Xander was not in a mood to cooperate for long…well not until we had gone inside and he had had a nice cool drink and some biscuits 🙂 He’s a boy of course! Food and other fun is much more important. Looking for the ladybird inside the camera was not top priority.

These little feet are just too cute!


3 thoughts on “Chloe and Xander…

  1. Hi Rachel – thanks for your comments on my blog – it took me a while to realised which Rachel!
    Love your photos – you really captured them beautifully. I like the one of the little boy, and love the one of his feet! Glad to see you are really enjoying your photography.

    Things are a bit quiet here – people aren’t spending money on their weddings, so I’m really down on numbers for next year, but fingers crossed that things will pick up because that’s what I love doing, although I like babies too!

    Take care, and look forward to seeing more pictures. Lis x

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