In A Scrape…

Over at GGP Street Team Michelle’s challenge this month is “In A Scrape”. No brushes are allowed! Michelle told us to use something like an old credit card or a flat edged tool to apply paint to the page. I found the card produced quite random results and played around with several pages. I soon realised that it is not a process where I could be finicky and precise! Some of my pages were just plain messy and uninspiring, whilst one or two have a bit of promise.

I will probably explore this technique further and see if there are any other things I can do e.g. add some collages.

This is one of the pages that I am working on. I cut out a circle and used it as a stencil to add the bubbles. I am trying to decide whether to add more bubbles in another colour….possibly blue???

9 Sep ’10: An addition…

Michelle from GPP suggested adding black bubbles to my page which, being a good student ;), I did. Thank you, Michelle, for taking an interest.

Black bubbles…


19 thoughts on “In A Scrape…

  1. Rachel – thanks for coming to play. Love that you realized you had to let go of control, and let it happen…no precision. This looks great. I think you could add another layer – black circles slightly offset over the white ones – the white shadow will really make the black pop.

  2. Yup, Michelle is good like that. The black bubbles looks great. The best thing with scraping is that you can go back and ad new colours and layers later to pages you think look uninspired! I love scraping and I hope you will too once you experiment with it a bit more!

    Cruise on girl!

  3. I really like this! I’m glad you didn’t add the blue, I think it would’ve “cooled” the fiery color palatte (which I like). The dark circles are a great addition. Nice work! -Kim

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