Through The Trees…

Just a brief update…I am in South Africa, having come down earlier than expected. My dad is not well and I have come to see him and to give my mum a hand. That is probably one of the hardest things about living an expat life or being far away from one’s parents. When they get ill it is often a difficult decision as to when to get on the plane and go to see them.  Anyway, it is good to be around, see how things are for myself and to be able to give my mum some moral support, as well as to help her in any way she needs.

The other evening I was rushing out of the door to go and see my father, when this scene sent me back inside to get my camera and take a photo.

Sunset through the trees…

What a change from the murky skies of Lagos. It was a beautiful clear evening and the stars, later twinkled and shone up in the night sky. Ah, the pleasures of nature when we take the time to stand and stare 🙂


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