My Dad…

This is for my Dad, who passed away last Friday 1 October.

Even though I had been expecting him to go soon, as he was very ill and frail, it was still a shock and I have not been holding up my end very well since! We had just arrived at Kruger when I got the news from my brother. He and my Mum said not to rush back straight away and so we had a couple of days in Kruger before coming back for the Memorial Service etc.

Dad’s favourite place in the world was the Lowveld region of Southern Africa and his favourite animal was the elephant. He was a very good photographer and, amongst many other subjects, he took lots of beautiful photos of elephants

I inherited my love of photography from Dad and took this one last week for him (nowhere near as good as his photos)…


5 thoughts on “My Dad…

  1. So, so, so, very sorry on your loss.

    I am sure that your dad will be more than happy, looking down, at your perfect shot of an elephant, and your beautiful post tributing him.

  2. Sorry to hear your sad news. Even though we will see them again, the heartache is still here for now. So take it slow and be kind to yourself.
    A lovely photo for your father!

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