I am glad…

I am glad…

…that I could spend some time with my father before he passed away.

…that I could tell him that I loved him and that he was the best father that I could have had.

…that I could tell him that I loved various qualities of his character and that I can see those same qualities in my children.

…that I know that he is safe with his Lord Jesus Christ. That knowledge gives me peace amidst the grief of losing him here on this earth.

…that I was able to spend time with my mum for a few weeks after he had gone and we had some good mother/daughter time.

…that my mum was able to have a few days with us, relaxing at the coast in Ballito.

…that, even though the weather was miserable at Ballito, we had an apartment with a lovely sea view.

…that I have amazing friends in various corners of the globe.

Cannot say I am glad about being back in Lagos, but here I am 😉

And now…some photos…

The view from the apartment. The tree in the bottom right was very annoying for the purposes of taking photos 🙂

The tidal pool at Thompson’s Bay…

Waves breaking into the tidal pool…


One thought on “I am glad…

  1. Sorry to hear your news. I haven’t been on your blog for a while so missed the last post. Take it easy on yourself and go slow for a while. It took me a good 6 months (or more perhaps) to just get through the days when my Dad died . . . especially as I was so close to him and he gave me support and unconditional love.
    You photos a lovely reminders of the Natal coastline where I spent my youth!

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