More farewells…

I have neglected this blog sadly over the last couple of months! I am sure my regular readers have given up on me and gone to pastures greener! Ah well, such is life.

One of the reasons for the lack of my witticisms, observations and general nothingness is that I have not felt motivated to write about anything. I think part of that is process of getting over my father’s death. Another reason, and probably the primary one, is laziness!

I have also had a serious lack of motivation to do any photography and I really do not like posting a blog without a photo. I have to get people’s attention somehow and I do not think my brilliant writing is enough to hold their attention. Mind you….my photos aren’t either…hehehe!

Anyway, over the weekend I went to the yacht club as usual, where we had another farewell for friends who are leaving Lagos. One of the things that Elaine did here was to help a group of very talented singers to become “known” here.  It is always a joy for me to hear these guys sing. They were invited to Paul & Elaine’s farewell and sang a few songs for them. After the guys had sung for everyone they called Paul & Elaine aside and sang a song especially to them. It was very emotional for Elaine and brought tears to my eyes too…not the thing to be doing when trying to take photographs! And then, it was even more emotional when they said their goodbyes to Elaine!


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