More snow…

Snow is falling
From the sky above
Snow is falling
Put on scarf and glove

Snow is falling
Go look outside
Snow is falling
The old landscape it hide

Snow is falling
What a beautiful sight
Snow is falling
It sparkles in the light

Snow is falling
Soft cotton wool flakes
Snow is falling
A white blanket it makes

Snow is falling
Short flowers disappear
Snow is falling
The cold is here

Snow is falling
Its time to play
Snow is falling
Lets make snowmen today 🙂



We are now staying with our daughter and, guess what…there is more snow. It is still a novelty to sit inside and watch the snowflakes softly falling. Do you know that falling snow makes no sound?

Of course, the cold is not such a novelty! I went outside for a few minutes to take some photos of the falling snow and the scene just outside the house. I was bundled up with a warm jacket, beanie and gloves. I got snowed on and my poor camera got snowed on! I did not venture far from the house. It was too cold and I am not very brave in cold weather! I prefer to be in a cosy, warm room 🙂


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