The day after…

Christmas day was spent in the best way…with family. Yesterday, Boxing Day, our daughter and her fiancé took us, along with Stuart’s family, to see the church where they are getting married next year. The countryside around it was still covered in snow and the winter sun was bravely trying to show its face for us. This morning we woke up to find the snow had almost completely disappeared around the house and now it is raining.

I love the different seasons here in England. There are so many changes in the scenery, especially compared to Lagos, where there are basically two seasons…the dry one and the rainy one, and with those there are not huge changes in the vegetation etc. Of course, I do not like being cold for too long, so I am sure I will appreciate the heat (maybe, not the humidity) when I get back to Lagos!

Some of the photos lent themselves to some B&W editing…

These horses were snugly covered in their winter blankets…


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