I went walking…

I went fishing,

Took some bait,

Didn’t go early, didn’t go late!

Except, I did not go fishing. Instead…

I went walking,

Took the camera,

And this is what I saw…

Signs for the footpaths…

Notice to users of the footpath…

I could not see the path with all the mud and water lying around. After a very short way I was prevented from continuing and this is why…

My legs were  not long enough to jump over the water and I did not want to sink into any more mud! I was in need of a pair of wellie boots! Had I but known it, my daughter has a pair in the cupboard under the stairs. We are the same shoe size, so I could have pinched those and used them!

So, defeated by the mud, I turned  back and walked a little way along the roadside pavement instead.

I liked the way these…err…dead/dried crops were planted in a semi-circle…


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