Why Would I…

Why would I take photos like these?

Well…this all in aid of wedding plans! This morning I went to church with Antoinette and Stuart and whilst there I had to take some photos of the pew ends, so that Antoinette could send them to the florist for flowers etc. They also had to count the number of rows of pews…24, I think. The paper was to give an idea of the size compared to of an A4 sheet.

Whilst photographing a couple of things, we saw this lying on the floor next to one the pews…

We did NOT lift the cup to see if there really was a big spider underneeth!! We believed the note 🙂

After church we met Sven and Charlie to go to a Wedding Fair in Bristol. Did I mention that we have two children getting married this year?!! Charlie’s mum also came to the fair and I must say that we flagged long before the brides-to-be did!!! I think we might have outlasted the grooms-to-be by a few minutes – haha! It is all part of the fun of planning a wedding.


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