Dear Diary…

Dear Diary, What a week it’s been! It’s been just like…

…well…not a dream, more a challenging one!

I know I sound like a spoilt brat, but when I got back home on Monday I found that our steward, Jean, was sick. Normally that would not be too much of a trial. but on Wednesday morning, I woke up to a flooded kitchen! Being such a girl, instead of calmly looking for the stopcock to halt the flow of water, I panicked and phoned my husband, who was away, to get the plumber’s number from him. Tom told me he would call the plumber and told me to get the outside water pump switched off and where to look for the stopcock. Our security guard switched off the pump and he came in with the driver and cleaned up the kitchen for me. They kept saying “It’s all right Madame, I will do it”. In other words,  “Get out of the kitchen and let us get on with it!”. Bless them!

Plumber came and promptly wanted to buy a new water heater. I told him that we would wait till the next day for my beloved to come back and make a decision. Anyway, the water kept leaking and the plumber had to come back later in the day to disconnect and empty the geyser. Whew…no more water leaking all over the place! All this drama kept me at home for the day and unable to go out and do some much needed shopping. I didn’t want to come home to more floods.

Later that evening my beloved phoned me to say they had missed their plane back to Lagos and could not get back that night. They had spent more than 4 hours stuck in traffic and had to make their way back to find a hotel for the night.

The next morning I woke up to the sounds of Jean back in the house. However…the generator was not working and there was no electricity from the main supply. Now that is really frustrating. As all the water has to be pumped into the house there was no water in the shower. I had to “shower” i.e. throw cold water from a bucket over my not-so-clean body. It took my breathe away. Even in a hot climate I like a bit of warmth to my shower water.

I escaped from the house and when I returned later in the day the generator was working and we had electricity from the main supply. However, the woes had not ended. There was no water being supplied to the washing machine. It appears that the pipe that is only supposed to supply the geyser, also supplies the washing machine. Sigh!

Why does everything go wrong when our dearly beloveds are away from home?

Today’s photo is in honour of the theme of our year…weddings! January is our anniversary month and these rings were put on my finger many years ago. No, they are not on my finger in the photo 🙂


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