Not such a good…

This has not been one of my better weeks 😦  I finally braved up and went to the clinic on Tuesday, because I had not been feeling well for a few days and then on Monday I had extreme pain in the area of my liver and gall bladder. I thought I had gall stones!

It takes all my courage to go to the doctors here, because the nearest clinic that is covered by our medical insurance, is not the best in town. It shall remain nameless. The better clinic can take anything from half an hour to several hours to reach, depending on traffic and I could not face the journey.

Anyway, off I went and after being prodded, having needles stuck into me and ultrasounds done, I got home 4 hours later to tell my beloved that I have malaria. The fact that I had only been back in Lagos less than one week made me discount malaria. It usually takes 10 – 14 days for the symptoms to show up. The pain in my side was probably caused by all the little parasites causing havoc in my liver – lovely! Actually, I think that the malaria has been lying low for some time and that probably explains why I was feeling below par all the time I was in the UK.

I am having to swallow big, fat anti-malaria medication, as well as antibiotics. I cannot say I am feeling much better – the head is still pounding away. The funny thing is that I seem to develop all the typical symptoms after I have been told it is malaria. Must be the power of suggestion, or in this case, diagnosis 🙂  From past experience, I always seem to get worse with the treatment. There is no such thing as getting out of one’s system without treatment, one has to have the treatment.

I am tired of lying down, so got up and took some pics. Just seen what it says on the box…hmmm…let’s hope the malaria does not resist the treatment 😉


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