TT Circles…

Finally…I have managed to make a tag to take part in Louise’s Tag Tuesday challenge. This week’s theme is “Circles”. Easy…you say? Well, as usual, I did not find it easy. but then that is the point of a challenge – to stretch one. My tags always look so pathetic when I compare them to the other beautiful ones that the very talented people out there make.

After having tried a couple of tags, I decided this was the one that pleased my eye the best. I worked mainly in lilac tones. The colours do not come out as well in the photo. The darker circles are not red, they are more mauve…

However, there was still something missing. When I tried to put a ribbon to make a little hanging bit, it just did not look right. Then, looking through the photos of the first one, I felt that a little bow (as pictured below) would finish it off.

The end product…

Go over to Kard Krazy and have a look at the other entries for this week’s challenge.


6 thoughts on “TT Circles…

  1. Rachel, the first version was very pretty. Yet when you added the bow, it pepped it up a whole lot. I love the clean, uncluttered look. It’s beautiful.

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