TT Tag on a Tag…

It’s another Kard Krazy challenge and this week Louise’s challenge is to make a tag  and include another tag on it.

This tag involved a lot of cutting and glueing, resulting in sticky fingers! I decided to go with earthy, natural tones. I have gone totally blank on the name of the “stuff” I used for the background. The best way I can describe it is as a papery/strawy kind of thing. Hmmm…that is as clear as mud! I am having to keep it away from my computer as it is shedding all over the place. Anyway, the triangles were cut out of handmade paper using two different colours and glued onto to darker background. The green odd-shaped buttony things give it a little bit of extra colour and zing, that is, to my eyes 🙂 I hope the 2nd tag is visible to you…it is at the top along with a piece of rafia.

He he…I had added a bow again, just as I did for the last tag 🙂

As always do go and have a look at the other beautiful entries.


10 thoughts on “TT Tag on a Tag…

  1. Gorgeous colors on your tag! When you said papery/straw kind of thing I thought: raffia. But then you mention raffia so I tried to tell what your background is. Still don’t know, but it is beautiful. And I like that tiny little tag at the top.

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