TT Friends…

Louise’s Tag Tuesday challenge this week is “Friends”. As usual, I sweated and toiled, only to come up with yet another simple tag.

This tag is in the form a a small gift card. A friend has asked me to make some gift tags for her shop, so I started with this one.

Can you believe…I do not have a “Friend/s” stamp! I live in a country where I have not found a shop that sells stamping supplies, so I cannot pop out and buy such a stamp. Before anyone suggests that I start up such a business, I can tell you that I do not have the stamina or patience to deal with the…ummm…shall I call it bureaucracy here! Neither do I order things online to be delivered here, because there is a strong likelihood that they would disappear before I could get them. That, or either I would have huge hassles with import duties etc. Nah…it is simpler for me to wait until I go to the UK or South Africa to look for supplies. I guess the upside of all this is that I have to use what I already have or improvise.

Anyway, the stamps I used were:

Teddy Hug – Stamp Africa

Soft Knit Tweed Print – Hero Arts. I used that for the background with the Teddies.

Writing Stamp – Tin Can Mail – used for the general background.

Inks – Green and Laurel Leaf by Versa Color.

I was going to write “friends’ inside the card, but decided to leave the inside blank, but hopefully this tag will qualify for the “Friends” challenge. I think these little teddies look as if they are friends , don’t you 🙂


9 thoughts on “TT Friends…

  1. I can’t seem to find out where you live! Is it Pakistan? Then I can understand that there are very few crafting articles in the shops! You could generate you own Friends definition stamp on the Internet?! Anyway, your tag is very cute!!

  2. How terrible that you may not be able to get things in the mail without being stolen.
    That being said your tag is darling!

  3. So glad to see you playing along! A fresh fun tag!
    And next month you must join deborah’s chain card challenge (here . . . she’s trying to get 100 countries, and she’s at 98! And you send and receive a REAL card which is a lot of fun. And she has a gift with words to make you smile, if not laugh out loud!

  4. that’s a cute tag , you managed wel linspite of limited resources. you know the saying less is more. could you not produce text with the computer/
    now i’m beginning to wonder where you live..

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