The last week has not been a good one, health-wise again! I had another bout of malaria. Actually, I am not sure if it was a new infection or if the first lot of treatment did not work. In addition to that I have also had to have root canal treatment and on Wednesday I was feeling rather battered and bruised 😦

Anyway, all these woes led to my feeling totally uninspired about doing any photography or crafting. Finally got down to making a tag for Louise’s challenge this week. The theme is “Postcards”. Yay…I actually have some postcard related papers in my stock. I included a face on the tag. After all, what are postcards for, but to send them to someone.

This little tag was soooo difficult to photograph. I tried it indoors and I tried it outside and still it did not come out nicely. I must say it is a gloomy day, blah light and raining.

Postcard tag…


11 thoughts on “Postcards…

  1. Well, I hope you are feeling better now you have created a beautiful tag! So, the weather there is not too good at the moment, I thought it would have been 🙂

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