SHS 2…

I decided, after all, to submit some photos for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I must say that I think the only thing that really complies with the requirements is that all the photos were taken in the last week (including one today).

The items were:- Vanishing Point, Square Crop, Under, “Welcome To The Jungle”, Calm.

Apologies to Ashley if I am stretching the point on my interpretations 🙂

That being said…

1. Vanishing Point

The ships in the background are on the vanishing point.


2. Square Crop


3. Under

The underside of a perfume bottle!


4. “Welcome To The Jungle”

This fellow looks fairly happy living in a concrete jungle, though I do not think I was welcome in his jungle. I was not allowed to get too close to photograph him. I edited in B&W and left the splash of colour of his orange head. By the way, I do not live in a prison 🙂  The razor wire is part of the security on the walls around our property.


5. Calm

I posted this photo yesterday.




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