Ah This Place!…

I shake my head at things that happen in this place! The first of three Saturdays of elections was due to take place this past weekend. Saturday had been declared a “no movement day” and, apart from emergency vehicles and those in an official capacity for the elections, no one was allowed to drive anywhere. The voters, could walk to their nearest voting booth. I must say it did make for a very quiet day…no hooting of horns,no cars, lorries etc bumping their way along the pot-holed roads and no noise on the construction site over the road from us! Ah…peace!!!

Anyway, about half way through Saturday we found out that they had cancelled the election. Why? Because a lot of the places had not received the ballot papers, so people were not able to vote! I believe that they had started voting in some areas, so now I wait to see what complications that is going to bring. We then heard that today (Monday) was supposed to be the day, but that has not happened either. The latest news is that the elections will be moved back to Saturdays 9th and 16th and then the final one on Tuesday 26th April.  They have different days for the house of assembly, state governors and presidential elections. Not being citizens of this country, Tom & I do not vote here. Am I sorry about that….umm…nah!! I guess the upside of all this is that we will have an extra day of no noisy vehicles etc 🙂

We had been quite excited over the last couple of weeks, because we had had power mostly from the state supply. However, that pleasure has been short-lived and we have been back on generator for most of the weekend. I suppose I should be grateful that we have a generator that can run the whole house, but the noise of it is getting me down today. Well, life could be a lot worse!

Now for a picture. A B&W edit. This is the first time I am linking to Black & White Wednesdays. As some of you know, I am a sucker for B&W photos, so I was really excited to find Lisa’s blog.

Do go and have a look at many other great entries for this challenge.



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