Birthday Roses…

Not much going on this week, apart from another reminder of getting older…a birthday!

I decided to have the laziest day and sloth around at home doing nothing much! My beloved husband went off in the afternoon and came back a few hours later and presented me with these…

Beautiful! In addition, he organised the menu for dinner – Starters: Prawns with Green Asparagus. Main: Roast Duck Breast accompanied by Roast Butternut and Baked Potatoes. I had nothing to do with this, as our cook prepared it all. I nearly forgot…we had champagne to put a final touch to the celebration – all very yummy!

Tomorrow I am going to a wedding. Well, I should say, I am going to watch the Royal Wedding. I cannot say it is THE wedding of the year, as I have two of my children getting married later this year, so their weddings are THE Weddings of the Year in my mind.

Hmm…now off I go to decide what to wear tomorrow!

A note on the side: I am getting really irritated with the quality of the photos on this blog! They never look crisp and clear. However, if you click on the photo it comes up in another window and looks much better. Is this a WordPress thing to try and make one upgrade to a paid site??


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