A Post A Day 2…

Dare I commit myself in public?? Yesterday I mentioned my lack of motivation about things and said that I should set some goals. So, for the month of May, I have decided to do a Post A Day!  Yesterday’s was the first post. Now the next thing I have to think about is a subject for each day…be it a thought, a photo, a happening.

Most of my photos here in Lagos are taken at the yacht club. That is one place that I am able to take my camera and take photos without too many hassles from people objecting to my doing so.

On Saturday I went to the yacht club in readiness for the afternoon’s sailing, but the weather, the wind in particular, decided to play games with us. It promised to be strong enough for sailing and then, as all the boats were on the water and at the start line, the wind lessened and eventually died to nothing! The result was a very frustrating afternoon for the sailors and the race was abandoned.

The sky also kept getting dark and then light and then dark again. In spite of that it did not rain.

Stormy sky…


Waiting to start…

Under tow…

Going home…

Post No. 2 done 🙂


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