Green Bottle…

I saw an article about photographing glass and decided to give it a try. The following is some info I found on the internet:-

“From the late-18th century, Dutch gin, transported in cheaply-manufactured blown glass bottles, was employed as a trade good. The shape made the bottles easy to pack and transport. Along with textiles, rifles and gunpowder, it was one of the most sought-after European goods.”

Another story I heard was that these bottles were emptied by drunken sailors and traders and thrown into the oily waters of the Delta region of Nigeria and then years later these bottles have been retrieved and collected as artifacts. I cannot vouch for the truth of this, but several years ago I bought three of these and they sit decorating my coffee table in the lounge.


P.S. Am linking up to Live Every Moment’s challenge for this week. The theme is Green. 


4 thoughts on “Green Bottle…

  1. I love having things in my house that have a mysterious story to them! If my knick knacks could talk…
    Love the color of your bottle. Not something you see every day.

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