TT Strawberry…

No “Post A Day” yesterday…I could not get online because our internet connection was playing up 😦

The theme for this week’s Tag Tuesday is “Strawberry”.  Not having anything strawberry-like, I visited The Graphic Fairy’s site and found a picture of a strawberry. I resized the picture, duplicated it (twice!), “painted” the background green, placed the pictures, then added an “S”. I then printed out two smaller pictures, cut them out and mounted on the tag. Added a green gauze ribbon and, voila, this is my tag…


9 thoughts on “TT Strawberry…

  1. Nice . . . the images are the same, but the tags are so very different! One clean and graphic and modern, the other aged and vintage . . . it’s amazing what we artsy crafty folks can come up with!

  2. I love the clean feel of this tag. It reminded me of kitchen tiles I had in a country home almost 20 years ago, they looked almost exactly like your tag! I’d forgotten about those tiles…:)

  3. Rachel, it looks good enough to take a bite out of! I love graphics fairy images. You picked a good one to use and the colors are terrific.

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